A deeper look into Dougherty County's storm recovery plan

A deeper look into Dougherty County's storm recovery plan
(Source: WALB)

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Nearly a year after multiple storms ravaged Dougherty County, the county recently released an 82-page recovery plan with projects totaling over $150 million.

The work of recovering from back-to-back storms and tornadoes in Dougherty County is not a short-term project.

"It's an indefinite plan, however, it's a high-level plan," said Mike McCoy, Dougherty County's Assistant Administrator.

McCoy was on the team charged with developing the community's Long-Term Recovery and Resiliency Plan.

He said the community was experiencing an "economic upswing" before the January storms.

"We didn't want our progress being derailed, so this program is very important in us staying on track."

Twelve potential projects have been identified including a half million dollars for an advanced warning system.

There is one in the city.

"But the county, the unincorporated area, does not. That was a very important project for community leaders to have listed and hopefully, we will have funded through a Hazard Mitigation Grant Program."

McCoy said they are applying for the grant money now, and hope to have it installed in the next three years.

But, funding for the majority of the projects -- in all totaling $151,550,000 -- isn't as certain.

"Yes, a lot of these projects are aspirational."

Downtown redevelopment has a budget of $50 million, fire station repairs $4 million, and improving Radium Springs has a $10 million cost estimate.

"We have employed the services of a public affairs firm that is lobbying on our behalf to hopefully get an appropriation from Congress to help fund some of those projects. Obviously, we have to prioritize them. We are hoping for private contributions as well, of course, the public sector can't do it alone."

You can view the entire Long-Term Recovery and Resiliency Plan below:

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