Albany Middle School's 1st annual Girls Night Out promotes positivity

Albany Middle School's 1st annual Girls Night Out promotes positivity
Jacqueline Thomas, Assistant Principal (Source: WALB)
Jacqueline Thomas, Assistant Principal (Source: WALB)
Zion Hurd, 8th grader (Source: WALB)
Zion Hurd, 8th grader (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - More than 250 young ladies at Albany Middle School spent time together Friday night for the 1st annual Girls Night Out.

Girls Night Out was all about confidence and communication.

The girls had to put down their phones while being encouraged to be kind to one another.

For 8th grader Zion Hurd, Friday night was about lifting others up.

"It's empowering young women to be young women and I feel as if this is exactly what the ladies here needed," said Hurd.

Staff was hoping to connect with students on their level.

"They see us in our role of administrators or teacher and they think that we don't understand what they're going through. And we can tell them, but there's no better way than to show them that we understand so that's what tonight is about," explained Assistant Principal Jacqueline Thomas.

The event was four hours filled with advice, guidance and fun-filled activities like makeup.

"We have someone coming in that's going to talk to them about skincare so they won't just be anxious to jump into makeup without knowing the fundamentals of makeup," said Thomas.

Staff explained that they wanted the girls to be comfortable in their own skin.

"They have this picturistic example of what they think girls are supposed to look like, what they think they should be doing at a certain age," explained Thomas.

Hurd said middle school is a tough time for girls especially and events like these help spread positivity.

"This girls night out will show us that young women need to stick together," said Hurd.

Albany Middle School administrators hope to host more Girls Night Out events throughout the school year.

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