Moultrie trucking company announces $2.5 million expansion

Moultrie trucking company announces $2.5 million expansion
Richard Moore (Source: WALB)
Richard Moore (Source: WALB)
Taylor Brothers (Source: WALB)
Taylor Brothers (Source: WALB)

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - A Moultrie based company announced its $2.5 million expansion.

"Without the support of this community we cannot do what we do," said Phillip Taylor with Broadleaf Trucking.

The expansion will allow Broadleaf Trucking in Moultrie to purchase brand new trucks and hire new drivers.

Broadleaf serves states all over the US.

It is a family-owned company and attributes its expansion and success to the help and support of the community.

The owners of Broadleaf Trucking said truck drivers are in high demand, they hope the 15 new trucks they were able to purchase will get 8 new drivers on the road.

"I feel at home in the truck, it's my home," said Driver Richard Moore.

Moore has spent his life on the road for 17 years now, racking up two million safe miles.

"It's great with it being fully automatic, you can just really focus on whats going on around you and what your job task is," explained Moore.

The new trucks are fully automatic.

"You won't have to worry about your leg being bigger than the other that's one good thing," said Moore.

Broadleaf Trucking announced Friday that the $2.5 million expansion included the new trucks and 8 new drivers.

The owners said they are excited to share the news with the Moultrie community.

"We believe Moultrie is on the move. We believe this investment and this community will pay off long-term benefits and we're very excited," said Taylor.

The new trucks will have the new electronic log device which will be federally mandated by December 18.

Broadleaf Trucking staff said this will eliminate a lot of paperwork for drivers and keep them safe.

"We're ahead of that curve, we are excited about that," said Broadleaf Trucking Owner Steadman Taylor.

The new trucks are pretty impressive, with a full-size bed, refrigerator and new technology. Drivers said they are chopping at the bit to get on the road.

"I get to travel and I'm getting paid for it and I'm going to towns and states that I normally wouldn't have time or resources to go," explained Moore.

"We're excited to grow here and excited to be here and look forward to many more years in Moultrie serving our community," said Steadman.

The new ELD device can connect to the truck's engine to record if the truck is in motion and allow the driver to log in and select on-duty, off-duty, or on-duty not driving.

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