Keep your holidays merry with these tips to avoid holiday hazards

Keep your holidays merry with these tips to avoid holiday hazards

You've made your list, checked it twice, and well on your way to fulfilling that gift list this year. So don't let Christmas crimes take away your holiday cheer.

Score some extra peace on earth and keep your holidays under wraps with these tips for what to insure.

Protect jewelry gifts

Make sure you have enough coverage for newly purchased jewelry items before giving them as a gift. Most homeowner's policies do offer some coverage, but it may not be enough. Check with your agent to be sure.

Beware of parking lot pilfering

When out shopping, make sure to keep packages out of sight of thieves by placing them in your trunk or another hidden place. Park in well-lit areas and try not to leave packages in your vehicle overnight.

Watch out for porch pirates

Customize your delivery times and locations for packages being delivered. You may also choose to have your packages held at the carrier's location to pick up at a time convenient for your schedule. Also, when shipping high-value items, you may consider purchasing insurance through the carrier in case of loss or theft.

Don't go up in smoke

Make sure to keep Christmas trees watered regularly and unplug all holiday lights before leaving the house or going to bed. Also, check all holiday lights before use. Don't use them if there is damage or they are frayed.

Get customized facts

Of course, each individual is different, so make sure to speak to your independent insurance agent to find the best fit for you.

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