Thomas Co. deputies to receive several new cars and laptops

Thomas Co. deputies to receive several new cars and laptops

THOMAS CO., GA (WALB) - Earlier this week the Thomas County Board of Commissioners gave the sheriff's office the go-ahead to buy several hundred thousand dollars in new equipment.

Some of that money will be used for new laptops the department plans to install in patrol cars.

The rest is for new vehicles for the department.

Six-hundred and ninety trips, 36,000 miles of transporting mental health patients costs Thomas County around $100,000 a year.

This comes after Southwestern State Hospital closed its doors in December of 2013.

All those miles have put a lot of wear and tear on vehicles.

This week, Thomas County deputies received good news, eight new cars are on the way.

Four chargers and four trucks totaling just more than $330,000 will be purchased for the department out of the new budget.

Forty-two laptops will also be purchased for the department.

Many cars right now already have the mounts, they just need the gear.

The laptops will allow deputies to stay out on the scene of an incident or out in the community and work from their car. Making it more efficient to serve the community.

Commissioners said this is an odd-numbered year, so they focus on equipment.

During even-numbered years they focus on salaries.

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