Valdosta residents concerned after teens assault 70-year-old man

Valdosta residents concerned after teens assault 70-year-old man

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - People in one Valdosta area are concerned about the rise in crime in their neighborhood, especially those committed by young teenagers.

Panzy Fulton is one of those residents and said she has lived in the area for 13 years

"Lately its been a whole lot of young kids around here disrespecting the elderly, jumping on older people," said Fulton.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Valdosta Police department said it responded to a call of a 70-year-old man being attacked while mowing his grass.

Police said the man's attackers were two teenagers who were 13 and 14.

"This young boy came up and hit him once in the face and once in the back of his head and the man was bleeding pretty bad," said Fulton.

According to the Valdosta Police Department, after attacking him, when they figured out he had no money, they threatened to beat him up if he called the police.

Fulton said the youth in today's time have changed.

"They're going to rob you, kill you or do whatever necessary to try and get money for whatever cause that they got going on, it's crazy," said Fulton.

Fearing for her safety, Fulton said she is now looking at other options.

"I'm just trying to find somewhere else to move at right now because it's just got me a nervous wreck and I'm tired of being like that. Can't even sleep and can hardly eat and its crazy, I've been around here 13 years," said Fulton.

Lieutenant Adam Bembry said this should be a wake-up call for parents to know where their child or children are at all times.

"They have to stay on their kids, have to know where they are, have to know who they're out with and not just taking their word of, 'Oh I'm heading over to so and so's house.' Did you verify it, do you know who their parents are and exactly where they live?" said Bembry.

The two teens have both been taken into custody and turned over to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

VPD said it is taking a serious look at how to minimize crimes committed by youth.

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