Railroad crossing improvements in Albany will be 'expedited'

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Planned improvements at several damaged railroad crossings in Albany will happen sooner rather than later.

Right now, three crossings are being targeted for improvements at Lockett Station Road, South Westover Boulevard and South Mock Road.

One Indian Creek Subdivision homeowner, Ron Vargo, told city commissioners Tuesday that the crossings are in rough shape.

Vargo said he damaged his car driving over tracks, which can be covered in debris kicked out of truck beds.

"And, this piece of debris had gotten flipped out at the rail crossing and stuck in between the ties and I just happened to cross over that, and was at the wrong place with the tire, and hit the sidewall and took it out," explained Vargo.

The railroad companies, Genesee & Wyoming, Norfolk Southern Railway Company and Georgia-Florida Railway will make the crossing repairs.

But, an estimated $300,000 in city SPLOST money will be used to reimburse the railroad companies for the repairs.

Although it is not known when the repairs will be complete, Albany Engineer Bruce Maples said the repairs will be "expedited".

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