Two dead in Valdosta shooting, wreck

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Just after 1 in the morning on Sunday, November 12, Valdosta police responded to a report of a motor vehicle accident in the 600 block of York Street.

When officers arrived, they found that a silver 2004 Buick LeSabre had crashed into two electrical poles.

Officers found the male driver and a female passenger dead inside the car. It first appeared that they were killed in the crash, but officers discovered that both victims had gunshot wounds, so a homicide investigation was initiated.

VPD identified the victims as Clarence Burnett, 26, and Geneva Norwood, 19.

"Initial indications reflects this case may be drug-related, based on an examination of the vehicle. However, the investigation is in its beginning phases and there is more evidence to review," said Police Chief Brian Childress.

The vehicle and the victims are being held at the crime laboratory pending an autopsy and further evidence analysis.

Power outages occurred in the area as a result of the accident, but Georgia Power quickly restored power.

Several people throughout the neighborhood said that they fear for their safety, but some are following basic measures to prevent harm, such as locking doors and having good lighting.

One resident, Gloria Thomas, said that her neighborhood is not a bad place to live.

"One minute it's so peaceful, the next minute you got somebody dead right up under your nose," said Thomas.

Thomas lives less than a block away from where Burnett and Norwood were found dead in a car early Sunday morning.

"Just to see these people here it's kind of scary, it's kind of frightening and upsetting, you know, it's just like a snake coming out of green grass," explained Thomas.

Many of the community members that live in the area said that they feared for their safety and refused to comment in fear of retaliation against them.

Thomas recommended that everyone secure their homes and watch out for each other.

"I mean you gotta do what you can do and God will do the rest of it," said Thomas. "That's the way I live, not out of fear but out of common sense."

Childress said that this year has been a bad year for homicides in Valdosta. He said it is going to take the help of the community to minimize these crimes.

"I need people to call in and help us, you wanna make your community safe, then you have to work with the police," explained Childress.

Thomas said that despite the recent spike in crime, she is not moving.

"I don't believe God will allow the devil to take over my territory. Not mine, not mine. It's under the blood," said Thomas.

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