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Communities use green light bulbs to show support for veterans

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Homes around Hazlehurst and Jeff Davis County will have a colorful glow starting Thursday night - and it's all to honor veterans. 

People around the nation use green light bulbs on their porches to show support for soldiers and veterans. 

Veterans in Jeff Davis County teamed up with local schools in hopes that they can enlighten students on the sacrifices of those who served. The local Veteran's Association displays flags each Veterans Day, but this year, they wanted more. They got their local Walmart to donate green light bulbs for 'Green Light a Vet' - a way for people to use the light on their porch to show support. 

"With 300 bulbs, I asked myself, 'what can I do to get them out into the community,' said Tracy Page, Jeff Davis Veterans Association. 

Page approached Jeff Davis Schools about distributing them, but the superintendent did one better. He ordered almost 4,000 more bulbs. Clubs of high school students attached a note to each box explaining 'Green Light a Vet' so they could go home with every student. 

"Of course, it's a symbolic gesture, but it's also an opportunity to learn why our veterans are important and why they do need to be recognized," said Stan Rentz, Jeff Davis County Schools. 

Rentz thinks the lesson in citizenship will go a long way with students, and veterans agree. 

"It's important that we, I believe, recognize the veterans in our community and across the nation," Page said. 

Page says green lights all over town will be as uplifting as seeing the red, white, and blue. 

They are encouraging folks to use the bulbs on their front porch lights through the end of the month. 

According to the website 'Greenlight a Vet,' more than nine million homes have the bulbs on display. 

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