SoWeGa RV Club celebrates 45th anniversary by giving back to veterans

SoWeGa RV Club celebrates 45th anniversary by giving back to veterans
Betty Ritchie, Club Secretary. (Source: WALB)
Betty Ritchie, Club Secretary. (Source: WALB)
J.D Clark, Club member. (Source: WALB)
J.D Clark, Club member. (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The SoWeGa Sams Recreational Vehicle Club has been recognized by Good Sam Club state leaders for being the oldest operating and largest RV club in Georgia.

The club was started at Chehaw Park in 1972 by Doris Hubbard.

Club Secretary, Betty Ritchie, said the club holds a special place in her heart because her mother and father were members.

"To think that for 45 years this club has held together," said Ritchie.

Ritchie said she hopes becoming a member of the club is something she can hand down to her family for generations to come.

The club is celebrating its 45th anniversary by coming together to support military veterans.

With Veterans Day this weekend, the SoWeGa Sams RV Club wanted to do something symbolic for its 45th anniversary.

The SoWeGA RV Club is a very close-knit community of about 30 members, who meet once a month.

Ritchie said that every meeting the members pass around a donation bin.

"And everybody puts money in that box and at the end of the year we pull together all that money and we send it to the Carl Vinson Veterans Hospital in Dublin," explained Ritchie.

They donate to the Carl Vinson Veterans Hospital because many members of the club have served. And the club is giving back to veterans in honor of those members.

"I am an army veteran and it makes me very proud because they're by the grace of God," said Ritchie.

This year alone the club raised over $1,000.

That money will be providing toiletries, personal items and clothing to the veterans staying in the hospital.

RV Member J.D. Clark said being a part of something bigger is so special.

"It really means a lot to me and my family," said Clark.

To celebrate its 45th anniversary the club is taking up funds to donate in the founder's name, Doris Hubbard, who recently passed at the age of 94.

"We're going to pass the hat and collect money to donate in her memory," said Ritchie.

The support this RV club has shown for each other throughout the year proves the members are more than just an RV club, they are family.

"Getting together with you know good friends, good family. We are just one big family that's the big part about it," said Clark.

The RV club Leaders plan to continue raising funds for veterans year round, not just around Veterans Day.

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