Low voter turnout 'disappointing' to elections supervisor

Low voter turnout 'disappointing' to elections supervisor
Ginger Nickerson (Source: WALB)
Ginger Nickerson (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany's Elections Supervisor said an extremely low number of people voted in Tuesday's general election.

Ginger Nickerson said it's disappointing the city didn't have a larger voter turnout.

The board spent a little over $1,000 on ballots, and they only mailed out 30.

Out of the 6,000 active registered voters, a little over 900 people showed up to vote.

"I remind individuals all the time that this is our local government," said Nickerson. "We start at the bottom and you work your way up.  And these are the individuals that you have access to, that you can reach out and make phone calls to. You can actually schedule to go see them in their office and they're going to sit down and talk to you."

If you didn't vote in the general election and are registered to vote, you still can vote in the runoff election for city commissioner Ward 2.

That will be held Tuesday December 5th.

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