Editorial: Gun law discussions

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Most of us are having trouble understanding why it's okay to cry for changes to existing policy during some terrorist attacks but not for others.

After someone opened fire on innocent people attending a country concert in Las Vegas, we were told it was too soon to discuss changes that could prevent such a massacre.

Now, after another horrific scene in Texas, it's considered disrespectful according to some, to talk about prevention.

Yet, when someone who reportedly pledged allegiance to Isis mowed down victims in New York last week, there were immediate calls to change the way that man made it into the country.

I agree we should discuss that. But what about Las Vegas and Texas?  We have to learn from these killings or we're bound to repeat them over and over again.

As a gun owner and avid hunter, I join the majority of Americans and the majority of NRA members, who want reasonable changes made to gun control legislation.

If we can't include gun laws in the discussions, along with the other contributing factors like immigration policy and mental health, then the NRA has way too much control over our political process.

We need to say enough is enough to the politicians who can't put common sense reasoning and discussion ahead of the NRA's financial contributions to their re-election campaigns.

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