Mayor's call to action: making Albany a safer city

Dorothy Hubbard, Mayor of Albany. (Source: WALB)
Dorothy Hubbard, Mayor of Albany. (Source: WALB)
Police, heath care, education, and city leaders make up the coalition. (Source: WALB)
Police, heath care, education, and city leaders make up the coalition. (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - After the shocking number of 20 homicides in Albany, Mayor Hubbard created a Safe City Coalition.

In 60 days, the police chief will propose a strategic plan for the mayor and board of commissioners.

Their hopes are that this plan will better combat crime. Tuesday night's meeting was basically just to generate ideas on what sort of tactics will be put in place.

Mayor Hubbard said coming together, collaborating, and sharing information is going to be the way to solve this.

"Especially those who are working in law enforcement want to do whatever they can to help us improve," said Hubbard.

The mayor feels that the reason for the crime is the lack of education. Eighty percent of those committing crimes do not have a high school diploma.

"One of the areas we need to work on may be how we can improve getting our young people educated," said Hubbard.

This will help develop the quality of our people and move them into the workforce rather than have them be criminals.

The mayor expressed the community can also play a part in this.

"One of the things that's going to be really important is going to be neighborhood participation. It's going to be being willing to if you see something say something," said Hubbard.

Changing the culture in Albany is how we can accomplish this.

"Not feel like your telling but just feeling like you want and have to do the right thing," said Hubbard.

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A suggestion was an app for people to anonymously submit information to the police in real time, allowing them to respond faster and have it documented.

Mayor Hubbard explained she feels very optimistic for her city after this first coalition meeting and knows it's a community effort.

"I truly believe that you don't do anything and do it well by yourself," said Hubbard.

Officials will now do research on where crimes have happened, what time, what ages where those committing these crimes. The mayor feels this data will help them better analyze how to move forward with the coalition.

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