Radium Springs to see new 'growth' through planted trees

Radium Springs to see new 'growth' through planted trees
McKinney shoveling dirt (Source: WALB)
McKinney shoveling dirt (Source: WALB)
Zipporah McKinney, 15 year old volunteer (Source: WALB)
Zipporah McKinney, 15 year old volunteer (Source: WALB)
Carlos Phillips, 73 year old volunteer (Source: WALB)
Carlos Phillips, 73 year old volunteer (Source: WALB)

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - Albany will soon see the shady groves it once had, again.

Volunteers spent time Saturday planting around $20,000 dollars worth of trees in the Radium Springs area.

This is the first community-wide effort for volunteers out planting trees, in an effort to make up for more than 10,000 trees lost during the January storms.

Around 150 trees found new homes Saturday in the Radium Springs area of Dougherty County.

Zipporah McKinney, a 15-year-old volunteer, donated her Saturday morning to give back to the community.

"It means a lot for me to do this today, cause it's helping the community and my environment look better," said McKinney.

She said it's her first time planting trees with the Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful's Grow Albany initiative.

McKinney said she was in shock after the January storms destroyed more than 10,000 trees in January.

"I can't believe that it just happened," said McKinney.

Now she's one of more than 150 volunteers who gathered at the Radium Springs Garden, Outlook area and golf course to beautify Dougherty County.

Carlos Phillips, 73, volunteered Saturday as well. He said, "this used to be one of the prettiest areas in Albany."

Phillips recollected his time growing up.

He said the golf course looked vastly different back then, from how it looks today.

Phillips recalled one of Albany's mayors living just across the course, along with other beautiful homes lining the area before the devastation.

"But a lot of the damage has really, really hurt this area, probably worse than anywhere else I've seen around Albany," said Phillips.

But he doesn't think he'll see the Radium Springs he once knew.

"I don't think it will ever come back to what I have seen in the past, but hopefully we can make it better."

And McKinney hopes to do the same.

"I hope it looks either the same or better," said McKinney.

Synovus SB&T Bank donated the trees.

And Keep Albany Dougherty Beautiful's next replanting event will be in February at Tift Park.

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