ASU enrollment numbers released, transition team announced

ASU enrollment numbers released, transition team announced

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The University System of Georgia released the official Semester Enrollment Report for fall 2017 on Friday.

The results are different for schools all across the state, but the ones in South Georgia all seem to be on a downward trend this semester.

Bainbridge State College saw a 29.3 percent drop.

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College was down by 2.3 percent.

Valdosta State University was down by 0.3 percent.

When asked about ASU's numbers, Charles Sutlive, a spokesperson for the University System said it's imperative to continue work to improve enrollment.

"Enrollment growth is important in several areas. One it is important to the fiscal health to the institution, but perhaps even more important we need enrollment in order to get students through college and graduate them. We've got data that shows over 60 percent of jobs over the next 10 years are going to require some level of college completion," said Sutlive.

Albany State University also announced its appointments on Friday for a University System of Georgia mandated transition team.

Several students and representatives from human resources, communication and academics departments will work with nine others appointed by the University System of Georgia.

The transition team will work to improve five areas including academics, communication and enrollment management.

Below is a full list of the ASU transition team members:

Enrollment Management and Student Experience:

  • Andre Armour - president, Student Government Association
  • Frances Carr
  • Michara Delaney
  • Wendy Kennedy
  • Stephanie Lawrence
  • William Moore
  • Jan Rogers
  • Donta Truss


  • Deondre Cochrane - executive vice president, Student Government Association
  • Kimberly Holmes
  • Carol Ann Ham
  • Alicia Jackson
  • Kerri Johnson
  • Hema Mason
  • Zephyrinus Okonkwo
  • Seyed Roosta

Human Resources:

  • Kimberly Carter
  • April Hawkins
  • Kristine Jones
  • Shawn McGee


  • Randae Davis
  • Charles L. Durrah – vice president east, Student Government Association
  • Denise Ward
  • Cameron Southerland - vice president west, Student Government Association

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