Thomasville RV park closes after utilities cut off

Thomasville RV park closes after utilities cut off

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Some people in Thomasville are having to find a new place to live after the city said an RV Park owner stopped paying utilities.

The City of Roses RV Park officially closed Thursday morning.

People there have been without power and water for several weeks now.

Jerry Simmons said he's been living at the city of roses RV park for 25 years.

"That trailer of mine has been parked there for just that long. I can't move the trailer because it's been here so long, you can't pull it," explained Simmons.

Simmons joins a handful of other residents who are living without water or electricity.

"We should have been expecting it because the past three or four months if you ain't got lights you ain't got water, and if you ain't got water but you have lights you have to buy you some water to make coffee and cook with," said Simmons.

Simmons said it's a hard way to live.

Each tenant pays around $400 a month for their spot at the park, which for them is supposed to cover utilities.

"This time when they came through here with the power company and issued the flyers we knew it was over with then," said Simmons.

"We contacted him and he wasn't able to make the payment so at that point we notified all the residents and indicated that it would be turned off if he didn't pay by November 1," explained Chief Financial Officer Michelle Juarez.

Bill Crozier runs that RV park, he wasn't on site when WALB visited.

The city said it has worked with him throughout the past year, even allowing him to make partial payments to keep the utilities on.

"We gave him two weeks and he didn't follow through on it. There are times when we give longer times too," said Juarez.

Residents said this story doesn't have a happy ending, they are now forced to find somewhere else to live.

"We're managing out of canned goods and something to make sandwiches with. We have water to drink. We go up to the BP station up there to take a duck bath if that's what you want to call it," said Simmons.

City staff said Crozier owed $8,600.

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