Police: Thomasville woman arrested for scamming Hawaii residents

Police: Thomasville woman arrested for scamming Hawaii residents

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - A Thomasville woman is in jail, facing fraud charges after investigators said she scammed several people out of thousands of dollars.

Police said the victims were all from Hawaii.

Investigators believe the woman told people they won money from Publishers Clearing House and needed to pay fees to claim it.

Sometimes you get lucky and hit the jackpot, but most of the time if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

"If you find the right person, it's easy. And unfortunately you're biggest victims are elderly," said Thomasville Police Department Capt. Maurice Holmes.

Thomasville police said they received information from a police department in Hawaii about a 91-year-old man who had been scammed out every last penny he had.

"The elderly fall subject to these people and their conniving ways and they are victimized over and over again," said Holmes.

Investigators said Quchelle Hill from Thomasville would call elderly people in Hawaii telling them they won money from Publishers Clearing House and all they needed to do was wire money to her for the fees.

Police said it seems easy enough, right? They did it, and police said they never received their prize money.

"They think if they do a crime far away they won't be held accountable for it. With the laws the way they are now it doesn't matter where you are in the US, we will find you and we will prosecute you," said Holmes.

Police said the 91-year-old man wasn't the only victim, they said they have three more according to Hill's bank accounts.

"This case we discovered more victims in the state of Hawaii we haven't identified. Each individual probably has multiple victims. It's a scam that goes on consistently," said Holmes.

More than $65,000 was deposited from Hawaii into Hill's account, several thousand at a time.

Police said they believe Hill won't be scamming anyone anytime soon since she's been booked into the county jail, but others could.

Investigators encourage you to always be mindful if someone reaches out to you about prize money and they said you should never ever wire money to someone you don't know.

Hill is at the Thomas County Jail on a $50,000 bond.

Investigators said cases like this because they cross the state line, can turn into a federal investigation.

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