This holiday season's hot ticket item? A home surveillance system

This holiday season's hot ticket item? A home surveillance system
View from Skybell Video Doorbell (Source: WALB)
View from Skybell Video Doorbell (Source: WALB)
Corey Lee (Source: WALB)
Corey Lee (Source: WALB)
Captain Tom Jackson (Source: WALB)
Captain Tom Jackson (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Halloween is over.

But even if you think it's still too early to start talking about Christmas, it's never too early to start considering security measures you can take to keep your gifts and your home safe.

Dougherty County Police said they often see an uptick in car break-ins and home burglaries around the holidays.

That's because criminals see you buying those Christmas gifts, and they know you're storing those items somewhere.

So what can you do to keep your stuff safe?

A home surveillance system might be the place to start.

"Oh yeah. By far, this is it," said Central Monitoring Service Manager Corey Lee.  "Everybody's wanting these.  And we're putting them in every week."

Lee said these new Skybell video doorbells can give homeowner peace of mind when they're away from home.

"We've seen an increase in sales with this as the holidays are coming up and packages are being delivered and everything," said Lee.  "We've had people have packages stolen.  They're not sure if the UPS or FedEx dropped the package off.  So this is a way to verify if that happened or not."

This doorbell camera does it all.

The camera's rolling at all times, and when it detects motion, you get a notification on your phone.

You can take pictures, and you can even talk to the person through the camera.

But what about car break-ins? How can these surveillance cameras help catch thieves in action?

Lee said it's all about where you place your cameras.

"One of our employees was having their car broken into numerous times.  We installed one of these.  Within a week later, we had a clip of the guy with his face and everything.  He broke into the same car again," Lee said. "They were able to catch him from the video from this."

Dougherty County Police Captain Tom Jackson said surveillance cameras are worth the $225 they cost, not including the installation.

"It helps us tremendously, because we can't be at your house 24/7, and a lot of times, you can't be either," Captain Jackson said. "It helps us tremendously to try to track down these people.  Plus, it's a deterrent for people not to want to break into those homes in the first place."

So before you start your Christmas shopping, consider getting the right security in place to make sure your items remain yours.

Captain Jackson reminds people, after you make your purchases, and take items out of their boxes, make sure you dispose of them properly instead of leaving them outside your home.

That's just another way criminals can see what you've got inside.

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