VPD credits city cameras for help solving cases

VPD credits city cameras for help solving cases

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Street cameras are doing more than just tracking traffic violations in one South Georgia city.

In Valdosta, cameras are helping solve homicide cases.

Chief Childress said these cameras play a vital role in sharing information when the community cannot.

"If nobody's talking... what do you do? The cameras are just a tool in the tool box," said Childress.

Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress can recall up to five homicides that have been solved with the help of street cameras since they were installed.

With no witnesses providing any details, Childress said investigators turned to the street cameras.

"Within two hours we had a confession, we recovered the firearm and all that started with those cameras," said Childress. "Without those cameras, we very well may have had an unsolved homicide."

Childress stated that these cameras are like puzzle pieces.

Without them, police would face a major roadblock in solving cases.

"It's dramatic. We used to have to go out and if you found someone shot, get cooperation with the public, sometimes we get it, sometimes we don't," said Childress.

Chief Childress said that they cannot solve every case with cameras alone.

He stated that VPD relies on community members and forensic evidence to help stop and solve crimes.

"Everything we do in law enforcement is based off of the community," said Childress.

Chief Childress stated that cameras are strategically placed throughout the city.

They are put in places that are not invasive to people's privacy.

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