The small device keeping Georgia roads safer

An option for those convicted of driving under the influence is keeping drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel. Literally.

It's called an Ignition Interlock Device. Here's how it works.

Just like a breathalyzer, it measures the amount of alcohol in a person's body.

If it detects more than .024% of alcohol on your breath, your ignition will not crank, since the device is wired to the electrical components of the car.

If there is less than .024%, the car will start.

After that, the device will prompt the driver to do what's called a "rolling retest," where the driver blows into the device again.

If it detects alcohol, the device will signal the driver by blowing the car horn and flashing the lights. It will not, however, turn off the ignition.

In July, a bill was passed in Georgia to allow those convicted of driving with a DUI to driving if they had an Ignition Interlock Device installed in their car.

It's a decision that law enforcement says is working.

Watch Thursday at 6 p.m. as WALB's Emileigh Forrester shares the story of a man who said the device saved his life after was he was left paralyzed from an accident he got into while driving drunk.

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