The push to revitalize downtown Albany

The push to revitalize downtown Albany

(WALB) - Downtown Albany is seeing a resurgence, but will a new microbrewery and loft apartments spur further development to the area?

For decades downtown has seen a decline in retaining or attracting businesses.

Many decades-old buildings turned into blighted properties and despite tens of thousands of dollars being spent, little progress has been made until now.

Albany Commissioner BJ Fletcher says the past has led to skepticism but is confident this latest effort will have lasting results.

"We've got them. It's amazing. The skeptics, I call them the 1 percenters and I'm very verbal about what I call them. It seems they scream a little louder. You don't know how many people call and say I'm so glad we'll have a downtown people will come to," said Fletcher.

Watch Monday at 6 p.m. as WALB's Cade Fowler digs into the progress of Albany's downtown with city leaders.

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