Editorial: Breaking the Silence

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Fulton County recently announced a lawsuit against companies that make and distribute opioids. They're the first Georgia county to sue opioid making companies.

The lawsuit is based on the rising epidemic, with abuse claims and rising death tolls.

In September, a statewide task force formed to fight the epidemic, but Fulton County commissioners say more needs to be done.

Larger cities aren't the only communities impacted by addition.  Rural areas are also seeing the effects of addiction.

So how do we combat this disease?

Phoebe and Aspire, with the support of the Albany-Dougherty Community Opioid Task Force will be hosting  "Breaking the Silence,  An Addiction Epidemic Town Hall," Thursday, November 2.

Addiction does not discriminate.  It crosses all racial, social, and economic boundaries.

The goal of this town hall is to hopefully start a conversation in our SW Georgia community,  break the silence,  and confront the disease of addiction.

Southwest Georgia, please plan to become a part of the solution by attending this town hall, Thursday, November 2, from 6 - 8pm in the Imagination Theater, adjacent to the Flint RiverQuarium in downtown Albany.

It's an epidemic, and we need to break the silence.

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