How to block notifications on your phone when you're driving

How to block notifications on your phone when you're driving

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, distracted driving causes around nine deaths a day.

And cell phones have continually added to that risk.

When Apple released iOS 11 in September, the newest software update to iPhones and iPads, a special feature caught the eyes of many.

It's called "Do Not Disturb while driving."

Much like the existing "Do Not Disturb" feature, when turned on, it blocks notifications and phone calls to the device.

This time, however, it's specifically designed for when you are in your car.

When on, you don't get notified of incoming notifications, calls or messages. And if someone messages you, your phone sends them an automatic reply.

However, if someone needs to get ahold of you, they can reply to the automated message with "Urgent" to send the notification to your phone.

To turn this feature on for your iPhone, just do the following:

  • Update your device to iOS 11 (here are those directions if you need help)
  • Open settings
  • Scroll until you see Do Not Disturb and tap
  • Scroll to bottom of the menu to see the Do Not Disturb while driving settings
  • Tap 'Activate' to set when you want the function to turn on
  • Tap 'Auto-Reply to' to see who you want the feature to block
  • Tap 'Auto Reply' to customize the message

There are several other apps available for download on both Apple and Android devices that fight distracted driving.

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