Shootings climb; Commissioner speaks to business owners

Shootings climb; Commissioner speaks to business owners
Fletcher has important reminders for business owners after recent spike in crime (Source: WALB)
Fletcher has important reminders for business owners after recent spike in crime (Source: WALB)
Travion Jones (Source: Facebook)
Travion Jones (Source: Facebook)
Dominique Davis (Source: APD)
Dominique Davis (Source: APD)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - 21 people have been killed in Albany this year. That number is now surpassing last year's total of 16, and the year isn't over yet.

Over the weekend, police responded to a fatal shooting at one Albany nightclub.

Travion Jones, 25, was shot and killed, and the suspected shooter is still on the loose.

Ward 3 City Commissioner B. J. Fletcher had some key reminders for business owners following this weekend's deadly club shooting.

Just days after Albany Mayor Dorothy Hubbard announced a new Safe City Coalition to combat major crimes, yet another deadly shooting is added to the city's growing homicide total.

"You know, it has got to get better," said Fletcher.

Early Sunday morning, police responded to the Sandtrap Club 5.0 after Jones was shot and killed.

Investigators said a fight between Jones and suspected shooter Davis began inside the club then spilled over into the parking lot where the deadly shooting happened.

"If you're a club, if you're a restaurant, a shooting can happen anywhere," said Fletcher. "You just have to watch."

And as a business owner herself, Fletcher said much of the responsibility to defuse a potentially violent situation lies with the business owner.

"There are tips, there are things that these people do," said Fletcher.  Very seldom does someone just whip out a gun and start shooting.  I don't tolerate an argument.  Just stop it from the very beginning.  911.  If you even think that you are heading into a situation that you can't handle, (call) 911.  Tell them, 'It is important that you get here.  I feel my customers are being threatened.  I feel like I am being threatened.'"

Fletcher also reminded business owners to keep their businesses well lit, with plenty of security cameras and systems installed.

"If you look like a winner, and you look like you're protecting yourself, it makes a difference," she said.  "Clean around your property.  Don't look like a piece of property that looks like it's just waiting to be broken into."

And as a city commissioner, and a part of the city's new Safe City Coalition, Fletcher said the only way to combat the crime is to work together.

"This is not just the neighborhood's problem where it happened, this spreads out," she said.  "This is worse than a wildfire.  A wildfire you see it.  You're able to put the water on that wildfire and stop it.  We need just need to know where all of it stems from, get the information to us, I promise you it will be in private.  Trust the law enforcement.  Trust your leaders. They are on it."

Once again Dominique Davis is accused of the fatal shooting at the Sandtrap Club 5.0.

If you have any information regarding his whereabouts, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 436-TIPS.

You can remain anonymous.

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