Officials, farmers encourage 'Yield behind the Wheel' campaign

Officials, farmers encourage 'Yield behind the Wheel' campaign
John Bullington (Source: WALB)
John Bullington (Source: WALB)

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - If you drive on country roads, there is a very high probability you have come across a tractor or other piece of farm equipment.  It's harvest time, and sharing the road with this large equipment will be very common for the next few months.

What you may not know or see is the fear that crosses these farmers minds every time they get on the road.

"It's terrible, It's a bad situation," said John Bullington.

Bullington, a Crisp County farmer, said four years ago his brother Donald was injured in a crash on Highway 41. Since then he hasn't been able to return to work because the crash devastated his family and ruined his career.

"When you're running 60 or seventy miles per hour you're on it before you can say don't and when you run in the back end of a piece of equipment you can get killed or injured too," said Bullington.

Last year, 494 crashes involved farm and construction vehicles occurred on Georgia roads, 12 resulting in fatalities and 185 injuries.

"We just see far too many times, this is a 100 percent preventable accident. Not many times we can say something is 100 percent preventable. If we just take our time, slow down, and honor the rules of the road," said Gary Black, GA Ag Commissioner.

The department of transportation said many of these crashes are caused by drivers traveling too fast and not being able to stop in time when approaching vehicles that are averaging 20 miles per hour.

Our South Georgia law enforcement agencies just want drivers to slow down, put your phones down, and be patient so farmers can continue to serve the Georgia Grown mission safely.,

"If we think about this campaign 'improving Georgia's yield behind the wheel' we have zero tolerance for farm accidents in Georgia. Maybe we can make that a reality in fall of 2017," said Black.

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