Sunbelt Ag Expo celebrates 40 years

Sunbelt Ag Expo celebrates 40 years

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - The 40th Annual Sunbelt Ag Expo is finally here.

Vendors have been out at Spence field setting up for the show that opens to the public Tuesday morning.

Show organizers said they are excited to bring the show back for the 40th year.

In 1978 the show started with 410 exhibitors, this year they are welcoming 1200 vendors. Twenty-three of those vendors have been there for all 40 years.

Executive Director Chip Blalock said he's excited to be back offering people the latest and greatest ag technology and education.

"I think the thing that has changed the most is the technology. We showed computers in the 1980s. By the 90s and new millennium, they were the norm in our life and on the farm. We showed the GPS technologies in the late 90s, that has become the new technology on the farm," said Blalock.

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