APD gives advice to store owners, customers following armed robbery

(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)

The Albany Police Chief Michael Persley has advice for business owners and customers, as investigators continue to identify suspects in Friday's armed robbery that left one person dead.

Persley said business owners should make sure signs don't cover the front windows of the stores.

That way employees inside the store and people outside the store can clearly see what's happening.

He said business owners should make sure surveillance cameras are working and are installed in areas where you can get a good look at people entering and exiting the store.

"It's not good to go to a business where a crime has occurred and they tell us that the video system has been out for a while," explained Persley. "That's not good. So we want to make sure that every business owner has a working and up to date surveillance system."

Persley also has advice for customers who are present in a store during an armed robbery.

Persley said if you are caught in the middle of a robbery, be the best witness you can be. He said a lot of times with armed robberies, the crooks have no intention of hurting anyone in the store. They want to get their money and leave.

Persley said if you are in the store when an armed robbery is taking place, be the eyewitness, pay attention to detail if possible. In the end, it can be what you see and remember that can help police solve a crime.

"It's best to be that eyewitness because you may have noticed something about the person, you may have picked up on something they said, or you may have seen the vehicle with the tag number which is helpful information," explained Persley.

Persley said the more witnesses they have the quicker they can identify the suspects.

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