WALB's 3rd annual Buddy Check 10K Trail Run

WALB's 3rd annual Buddy Check 10K Trail Run
Sandra Williams, female 5K winner (Source: WALB)
Sandra Williams, female 5K winner (Source: WALB)
Man runs with Puppy (Source: WALB)
Man runs with Puppy (Source: WALB)
Liz Knight, WALB Event Coordinator (Source: WALB)
Liz Knight, WALB Event Coordinator (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - On Saturday, dozens of people showed up to Chehaw Park in Albany to run for a cause...

Breast Cancer Awareness.

Here's a look inside WALB News 10's 3rd annual Buddy Check 10-K Trail Run.

With the sound of the whistle, runners hit the ground running for the 2017 Buddy Check 5K and 10K races.

"I run for a cause, anytime, anyone wants me to run, I am there. I love running," said Sandra Williams, female 5K winner, "I run because this is something that I prayed about. God gave me the gift to run. And I like to inspire as I run."

She's one of around 150 runners and organizers who helped raise close to $10,000 for the Cancer Coalition.

Liz Knight, WALB Event Organizer, said this year's turnout broke a record.

"All the money that we raised, it stays right here in our community and that's why we love doing this race. Because all the money stays right here in Southwest Georgia," said Knight.

And these runners, like Williams, say they want to help those who cannot afford mammogram screenings.

"This is a great cause and it's doing what we love to do, running," said Arnoldo Jesus, male 5K winner.

"It's a good event, brings awareness, which is a very important thing," said Budd Bramlett, 5K participant.

"I think it's good to try to fight cancer," said Ann Centner, female 10K winner.

While Williams runs two races a month to keep herself in shape, today, she, too, ran for the health of others.

"I'm running for all the young ladies that are either suffering from breast cancer, the ones that are cured, or the ones that are in remission right now. Like I said I run for a cause, anything I can do to motivate, to inspire, to give back, I'm here," said Williams.

WALB News 10 coordinates the Buddy Check 10-K each year, so make sure to mark it on your calendar for next October.

For the full list of winners and times, visit this website.

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