Neighbor surprised but not worried after Fort Gaines double murder

Neighbor surprised but not worried after Fort Gaines double murder

FORT GAINES, GA (WALB) - The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is working to piece together what led to a double homicide in Fort Gaines.

Neighbors in the area said they aren't scared or worried after Charlie Smith, 29, and Manuelito Jackson, whose age is unknown, were found dead in a home on College Street.

Fort Gaines police officers were dispatched to the home around 1 a.m. after gunshots were reported. That's when they found both men dead.

Salita Littleton, 60, lives 2 doors down and said she heard five or 6 gunshots, but it's not something unusual.

"Sometimes I hear gunshots, but we never think anything of it. Matter fact, my husband says next time he hears them he's going to jump up and look around, but it's kind of dangerous. Everything is dangerous now," said neighbor Salita Littleton.

Littleton has lived in the area for more than 30 years and said she's not scared because she doesn't feel she or her husband would be targeted.

"I had nothing to do with whatever they got going on. So I'm not scared," explained Littleton.

Littleton said that after she and her husband heard the gunshots, they went back to sleep until they woke up to flashing lights outside their window. Now she said there's nothing she can do, but move on.

Littleton got up and looked around, and after going on her front porch, she was told Smith and Jackson were found dead inside to the home.

"Oh gosh, my heart fell in my stomach, it was just unbelievable," said Littleton.

Littleton said she knew both men almost their whole lives.

"They was good guys," said Littleton. "Didn't bother nobody. That's what's shocking about it."

Now, Littleton wants justice so maybe she and the victims' families can have peace.

"I hope they catch the people that did it or the person that did it," explained Littleton.

Investigators have still not released the cause of death of Smith and Jackson or if they have any suspects at this time.

If anyone has any information on this shooting, they are urged to contact police.

The Sylvester GBI is handling this case and asks anyone with any information to call (229) 777-2080.

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