Former ASU provost's personnel file reveals complaints of sexism, racism

Former ASU provost's personnel file reveals complaints of sexism, racism

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A look at the personnel file of the former provost at Albany State University has raised some concern.

Four complaints have been filed against Dr. Tau Kadhi citing racist and sexist comments.

In September 2016, ASU appointed Kadhi as the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, but last week ASU's president announced Kadhi was no longer in that position.

Kadhi had been responsible for leading the consolidation efforts for university faculty and educational programs.

The file includes complaints against him dating back to April.

In an interview in May, the Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Albany State University Dr. Tau Kadhi commented on recent layoffs at the university.

In the last week, ASU's President Dr. Art Dunning dismissed Kadhi from his position... but gave no reason as to why.

In an open records request for his personnel file, we've uncovered various complaints about Kadhi. Three of them filed in April. The fourth in May.

One of the complaints says two African American students on campus reported multiple sexist comments made by Kadhi, including one about having a white male on a billboard to represent ASU and the move-on-when-ready program.

In another report the complainant talks about sexist remarks at a faculty meeting where he or she says Dr. Kadhi told female faculty members not to worry their "pretty little heads" about the math of a topic they were discussing. The report goes on to say "This man's arrogance is astonishing."

Two other people filed complaints against Kadhi involving a female who is currently a dean at the university. In one complaint it says Kadhi forced her to waive four credits for a student so the student could graduate. The report says the credits were University System of Georgia credits.

The report says he later called her personal phone with remarks threatening her job, saying she better not tell anyone from the board of regents about the situation. The report ends saying "The harassment, abuse, threats, humiliation and hostile work environment must end."

A separate complaint by the woman herself cites multiple examples of uncomfortable situations she had with Kadhi. At one point she says he denied her request to get assistance from a University System of Georgia representative... saying "he did not need a white man in a suit telling him what needed to be done." She says he later said she could get USG input and he would just say "Yes Massa" repeatedly.

At this time, all we know is that these complaints were made, we don't know what the outcome was. It's also unclear if these complaints played a factor in his dismissal as Provost and Vice President.

Charlie Sutlive, the vice chancellor for communications and government affairs at the Board of Regents, said Tau Kadhi was removed from his position as provost last week, but said he is still a faculty member at the university.

He said Kadhi will continue to transition his duties as provost until spring semester, when he will undertake teaching responsibilities in the College of Education.

Neither an investigation or tenure revocation is underway.

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