GBI investigates vandalism at Turner Co. High School

GBI investigates vandalism at Turner Co. High School
Turner County High School damage (Source: Sheriff Andy Hester)
Turner County High School damage (Source: Sheriff Andy Hester)
Sheriff Andy Hester (Source: WALB)
Sheriff Andy Hester (Source: WALB)
Zander Roberts (Source: WALB)
Zander Roberts (Source: WALB)

TURNER CO., GA (WALB) - A senior prank gone wrong.

That's what the Turner County Sheriff is saying about vandalism at the high school.

That damage was so bad, it forced some students and faculty out of the building.

Turner County Sheriff Andy Hester said students broke into the school possibly Thursday night, and caused serious damage to the building and equipment inside.

He's now asking those students involved to speak up before it's too late.

"It's not funny," said 9th grade student Zander Roberts.

Students and law enforcement share the same feeling: this supposed "senior prank" went too far.

"They flooded the bathrooms, they sprayed ketchup and mustard places.  And I just didn't believe it.  When I walked through the ninth grade, I smelled something and I knew something had happened," said Roberts.

Roberts' grandmother had to pick him up early because he couldn't get to most of his classes with the amount of damage in the hallways.

Other students who were not picked up by their parents spent the day in the civic center.

"Growing up, I know school was toilet papered and things of that nature. This went a little beyond that," said Sheriff Hester. "It looked like it started out with some eggs, and flour, and things of that nature, and fire extinguishers.  It turned into some damage of computer labs."

Sheriff Hester said the school's police department needed additional resources and manpower to investigate the damage and decided to call the GBI to assist.

"There's a camera system here at the school and there was a lot of the damage and a lot of the stuff that happened videoed," Sheriff Hester said.

He added, at this moment, the school is hoping to resolve this within the school system, but if the students responsible do not cooperate, they could face criminal charges.

"If I had to give them any smart advice," Sheriff Hester said, "that would be the smart advice is to come forward and say, 'I messed up.  Y'all got me. Let my fix my problem.'  That's part of becoming an adult is fixing the problem you've created for yourself and doing the right thing. I hope that's something they'll do."

Sheriff Hester said they believe at least 10 students were involved.

He also said school should be back to normal Monday.

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