Commissioner Cohilas: 'Dougherty County had to make decisions'

Commissioner Cohilas: 'Dougherty County had to make decisions'
Christopher Cohilas (Source: WALB)
Christopher Cohilas (Source: WALB)

DOUGHERTY CO., GA (WALB) - The disagreement between Dougherty County and Lee County Commissioners continues to focus on if the proposed Lee County Medical Center will hurt Dougherty County taxpayers.

Thursday, Dougherty County Commission Chairman Christopher Cohilas said the main issue that Lee County is not seeing is the impact the proposed hospital would have on the area's poorest citizens.

"Dougherty County had to make decisions and get information on what this project would potentially do to us and what it would do to our citizens, most importantly our poorest citizens who utilize the safety net hospital," said Cohilas.

Cohilas said he was still willing to talk to Lee County commissioners about the issue.

Lee County Commissioner Billy Mathis' response was that people still want a choice for their health care options.

"The public in Dougherty County and Lee County, the vast majority of the public are in favor of choice when it comes to hospitals and the Dougherty County Commission is just not following the will of their constituents," said Mathis.

Commissioner Mathis told us the Lee County Commission will extend another invitation to meet with the Dougherty County Commission, to see if they can collaborate on the proposed hospital issue.

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