Early voting begins Monday in Thomas Co.

Early voting begins Monday in Thomas Co.

THOMAS CO., GA (WALB) - Election offices around Georgia are preparing for early voting that begins Monday morning.

Supervisor of elections staff said this is a way you can save time and cut the lines.

In Thomas County, folks in Boston, Barwick, Coolidge, Meigs, Ochlocknee, Pavo, and Thomasville all have an important decision to make, who will be the next leaders in their community.

Folks in Boston, Barwick, Coolidge, and Meigs are voting for council members and mayor.

Ochlocknee, Pavo, and Thomasville residents are voting for several new council members.

Casting your vote early can save you a lot of time.

Thomas County Elections Supervisor Frank Scoggins said he really encourages early voting.

Scoggins said they tested out new software last election and with a 77 percent turnout, they never saw a line more than 10 minutes long.

"You vote is your voice. I would like to see a bigger turnout, we had one earlier in the year it was just for the Thomasville municipality and it was a poor turnout. I would like to think we would have more people percentage wise deciding who our council members are and any community," said Scoggins.

Remember no matter what precinct you normally vote in during early voting you can go to the Thomas County Judicial Center and cast your vote up until November 3rd.

If you're interested in voting it starts at 8 am Monday morning and will go throughout the week into Friday for the next three weeks.

Thomas County, November 7, 2017 Election

City of Boston:

City Council –Post 1 (Vote for One)

  • Ron Collins (I)
  • Lawanda Jackson

City Council –Post 2 (Vote for One)

  • Eloise D Wells (I)

City Council –Post 5 (Vote for One) (Special Election)

  • Dustin Anderson
  • Remeak Davis

Mayor (Vote for One)

  • Danny Groover (I)
  • Richard Reynolds

City of Barwick:

City Council-Post #1 (Vote for One)

  • Michael Manley

City Council-Post #3 (Vote for One) Special Election to unexpired term of Walt Yost)

  • Dale Hicks

City Council-Post #4 (Vote for One)

  • Iverson J McCann (I)

Mayor (Vote for One)

  • Ned A Simmons (I)

City of Coolidge:

City Council-At Large (Vote for Three)

  • John D Blaha (I)
  • Willie Henderson (I)
  • Kathy Keown

Mayor (Vote for One)

  • Diane H Causey (I)
  • Nolan Reece Yarbrough

City of Meigs:

City Council-At Large (Vote for Three)

  • Lizzie McCraw Battle (I)
  • Edward Eason
  • Dorothy Wimes (I)

Mayor (Vote for One)

  • Stephanie Battle
  • Tyaire Thompkins-Herring
  • Cheryl Walters (I)

City of Ochlocknee:

City Council-At Large (Vote for Two)

  • Roscoe Daphney (I)
  • Darrell Freeman (I)
  • Michael Herring

City of Pavo:

City Council-At Large (Vote for Three)

  • Joey Kae Dean (I)
  • Connie Friedel
  • Cleveland Shy (I)
  • Larry L Williams Sr

City of Thomasville:

City Council-District 1, Post 2 (Vote for One)

  • Greg Hobbs (I)

City Council-District 2, Post 2(Vote for One)

  • Max Beverly (I)
  • David Hufstetler

City Council- At Large (Vote for One)

  • Don Sims (I)
  • Todd Edward Mobley
  • Matt Kirkley

City School Board –District 1 (Vote for One)

  • Hazel Thomas Jones (I)

City School Board-District 2(Vote for Two)

  • David A Cone (I)
  • Corey Sumner

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