Liberty House holds self-defense classes

Liberty House holds self-defense classes
Michael Hadley participates in self-defense class. (Source: WALB)
Michael Hadley participates in self-defense class. (Source: WALB)
Rhonda Cantrell with Liberty House.(Source: WALB)
Rhonda Cantrell with Liberty House.(Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A South Georgia women's shelter said the statistics of domestic violence is shocking.

Now they want to take action to try to help women facing abuse.

October is domestic violence awareness month.

Experts say one in three women and one in four males will at some time be victims of domestic violence.

Liberty House of Albany is working to change those statistics, providing self-defense lessons.

Somewhere in America, every nine seconds a woman is assaulted in some way.

Liberty House of Albany held their 2nd annual self-defense class in honor of domestic violence awareness month.

"We hope to help anyone prevent or help them avoid becoming a victim," said Rhonda Cantrell with Liberty House.

But the class was more than learning a few moves. It increases their confidence and overall feeling of safety.

The class provided critical information that wasn't just for women.

Which is why an Albany father, Michael Hadley, decided to take part in this class along with his wife and daughters.

"Well you never know what might happen and when and you've always got to be prepared regardless of what the situation might be," explained Hadley.

As a father, he saw this class as an opportunity to teach himself and his family how to protect themselves.

"It means everything to know my kids can take care of themselves cause I'm not always around to help them. You know I always want to be but I'm not always there so I want them to be able to defend themselves when the need arises," said Hadley.

The class taught various holds and strikes for victims to escape. Now they are encouraging others to take part in future classes.

Liberty House of Albany provides shelter to victims of domestic violence and if you are in a situation and would like to seek help, you can contact their 24-hour crisis line at 229-439-7065.

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