DCSS presents at charter system conference

DCSS presents at charter system conference

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Dougherty County School officials reflected on how the switch to a charter system has helped improve the district.

Tuesday, Superintendent Kenneth Dyer and several district principals were featured presenters at the inaugural Georgia Charter System Conference in Athens.

They spoke about the cultural shift they've seen over the past two years and said there has been an upswing in parental engagement.

It's a change the district believes is creating a stronger, more unified school system.

"Having that dialogue is important, because parents often know how their kids know, and keeping them informed in what's happening in the classroom - that's important, but at the same we want their feedback, we want them to participate, we want them to be involved in that process, so the charter system lets us do that," said DCSS spokesperson J. D. Sumner.

The district is getting input from parents and students through local school governance teams.

Sumner said one of their ideas was to integrate more music into elementary schools.

Since then, they've brought in a music therapist a few times each month.

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