Thomasville City Schools now more energy efficient

Thomasville City Schools now more energy efficient

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - Thomasville City Schools are now more eco-friendly with a new energy efficiency partnership.

All five schools have undergone improvements with both lighting and air.

"The more in the future on the cutting edge of this technology we can be, I feel like we're staying ahead of the curve," said Dr. Laine Reichert, Superintendent.

Students at Thomasville City School may have noticed a few changes in their classrooms this year. The school system has partnered with Schneider-Electric for a 20-year energy efficiency plan.

All of the schools and city school board offices were upgraded with new LED lighting and automatic HVAC system controlling the air, becoming more "eco-friendly" and energy conservative.

"Not just that but we're being good stewards of taxpayers' money," said Reichert.

On average the school system will save around $160,000 each year, $4 million in total over the life of the plan.

"Our savings for this should pay for the plan. We make our payment this fall for the work they have done but every other payment that is made is supposed to come from our savings," said Reichert.

With the new lighting, school leaders said it is actually improving the quality of education for these students at all five schools.

"You don't realize how dim the old fluorescent bulbs are until you see the LED lighting, It makes words much easier to read on a page. It's safer, it's friendlier," said Reichert.

It's little things that add up over time and simple things you might forget about, now all of the lighting and air conditioning will be automatic.

"They try to just make us look at our energy footprint and make sure we get the most we possibly can out of our energy usage," said Reichert.

Gyms and outdoor spaces at every school also received upgrades.

New energy efficient water fountains were installed under this plan as well.

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