Valdosta hot car dad goes to court

Valdosta hot car dad goes to court
Timothy Kelly in an earlier interview with WALB (Source: WALB)
Timothy Kelly in an earlier interview with WALB (Source: WALB)

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - A Valdosta father who was arrested in August for leaving his child in a hot car went to court Tuesday, for his first arraignment on one count of Reckless Conduct.  A charge of Family violence was dropped.

The parents were in a restaurant in the 2800 block of North Ashley Street, when a concerned citizen told police that the child had been left in the car.

Kelly, 27, says he's now in a much better place than he was just a few short months ago.

"When we got arrested, it pretty much stopped our whole world, how we were living. We lost a lot," he said.

"Whenever you make a mistake that you don't think that you're going to be able to get by, people usually quit or give up. But I've come to learn if you don't quit and you don't give up or accept defeat, you can make it through."

Kelly has since reunited with Jessica Brown, his daughter's mother. He says they are going through counseling with DFACS to try and get their daughter back.

"We did request individual counseling. I did request PTSD counseling for things that happened in our situation, for as bad as things did get," said Kelly.

Jessica Brown, who said that she's just trying to move forward with life after the court hearing today, but she declined an on-camera interview. She faces charges of Family Violence and Reckless Conduct.

Officers found the parents in the restaurant, the child was taken out of the vehicle immediately, and paramedics were called to examine the child, who was OK.

The parents told VPD that they had only been inside for two minutes, but police said that surveillance video showed that Kelly and Brown had been inside for 20 minutes.

A relative came to the site and took custody of the child.

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