Lowndes High graduation rate reaches new high

Lowndes High graduation rate reaches new high

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - Lowndes County High's SAT score is now above the state average.

And that's not all, they've also reached a new high in getting their students across the graduation stage.

Lowndes High School class of 2017 had 640 graduates making their current graduation rate 90 percent as of last week.

That's a huge improvement from the 73% rate five years ago.

Lowndes is one of 50 schools in the state of Georgia that ranked in the 90 and above percentile.

Principal LeAnne McCall said this is not her doing, but the Lowndes County community as a whole.

"Really it's the dedication and the hard work of the teachers, the counselors, the administrative team," said McCall. "It really is all of us together working hard to help kids be successful."

But Lowndes' graduation rate isn't the only thing up. Lowndes scored 15 points higher than the state's average SAT score of 1050, putting Lowndes at 1065.

Principal McCall said getting students to achieve goals goes far beyond standardized tests. She said it's about knowing them as a person.

"It's that personal connection that we believe is so important. We have 3,000 students at our high school, so this is a large place, but we really work hard to make that personal connection with kids."

Principal McCall said that all kids who attend elementary or middle school in Lowndes County end up at Lowndes High.

And that's the secret to success, according to Principal McCall.

Teachers are able to see students all the way through their primary and secondary schooling.

"That graduation rate truly represents the work of not just the students here at Lowndes High School but really a system effort. A system dedication to excellence."

Lowndes High School is one of 10 schools in the state of Georgia to have a graduating class greater than 600 students that ranked in the 90 percent range.

All other schools were in the Metro Atlanta area.

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