Eight-year-old Albany boy makes 'The Toy Box' TV Debut

Eight-year-old Albany boy makes 'The Toy Box' TV Debut
Isaac aims his shot (Source: WALB)
Isaac aims his shot (Source: WALB)
Ball hits his brother, Jax's, army soldiers (Source: WALB)
Ball hits his brother, Jax's, army soldiers (Source: WALB)
Isaac Dallas, 8, and Nate Dallas, dad (Source: WALB)
Isaac Dallas, 8, and Nate Dallas, dad (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany native is making his TV debut on an ABC reality show Sunday night.

Dallas is a young inventor, so young he's the youngest competitor on Sunday night's season two premiere of 'The Toy Box.'

"Alright you want to roll from this side or this side," asks  Nate Dallas, Isaac Dallas' dad.

"This side," replies Isaac Dallas.

Isaac Dallas may be at the right age to play games, but he might seem a little young to call himself a reality TV star.

"I've made lots and lots of games in my life," said Isaac Dallas.

But this game Isaac Dallas started when he was just six years old. By age 8, he had perfected it.

"All my friends came over and they played my game. It's called Soldier ball and they all loved it so I decided to sell it. And I'm on TV now," laughs Isaac Dallas.

He took ideas from other games to create his own table game.

Players start by rolling dice. One color di shows how many soldiers are played and the other shows how many blocks are used as a protective barrier for the army soldiers. Players use a ramp and small ball to try to knock down each other's soldiers. Whoever does so first, wins.

After seeing the success of playing with family and friends, Isaac decided he wanted to sell it.

"His original goal was to make enough money to buy his own drone and so we figured out we had to sell a few hundred games to get his own drone. The whole time we were building games and selling them, he had been practicing in the drone simulator to learn how to fly," said Nate Dallas.

Inventing runs in the family for the Dallas'. Isaac's dad, Nate, is an inventor.

"So we applied to be on the show and we got a callback and they invited Isaac and I to come film and he competed against a room full of adults and he did an outstanding job," said Nate Dallas.

Now they've sold enough games for Isaac to have his own drone and even dabble in a national TV competition.

"Seeing myself on TV tonight is going to be awesome," exclaimed Isaac Dallas.

You can check Isaac out on the season premiere of The Toy Box.

It airs Sunday night on WALB ABC at 7 PM.

If you are interested in purchasing Soldier Ball, you can do so through this website. 

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