Coffee Co. receives FEMA assistance

Coffee Co. receives FEMA assistance
Chris Graves talks about receiving assistance. (Source: WALB)
Chris Graves talks about receiving assistance. (Source: WALB)
Steve Carver, EMA Director. (Source: WALB)
Steve Carver, EMA Director. (Source: WALB)

COFFEE CO., GA (WALB) - Residents in Charlton and Coffee counties can now apply for FEMA assistance for damage from Tropical Storm Irma.

Coffee County felt the effects of IRMA.

Several trees were down and some even demolishing houses.

"We decided to ride it out cause we were at the bottom of the hill so we felt pretty safe," said Chris Graves, resident.

Graves was in his home when an oak tree slammed through the living room.

"It didn't really dawn on me what happened until after the fact when I went to open the door and I couldn't get out and we had to go through the emergency window up front," said Graves.

More than 28 homes were examined and classified as destroyed or majorly damaged in Coffee County. That's when FEMA decided to step in.

There will be several different folks from FEMA in Coffee County to help assist people.

Their assistance will help people repair or rebuild their homes. Other assistance that may be offered is rental assistance repair or replacement of vehicles and medical expenses.

"I never thought that I would need assistance but now that it comes down to it, being able to get it means the world," said Graves.

EMA director, Steve Carver said he is thankful the residents of his community are getting assistance in their time of need.

"When you've lost everything and it's a glimmer of hope for them that they can get started back rebuilding their lives," said Carver.

In Camden County and Glynn counties, there will be disaster recovery centers where you will be able to talk face to face with representatives from FEMA.

FEMA officials say the quickest way to begin the process is to begin their application online here.

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