DA says school administrator could face more charges

DA says school administrator could face more charges
(Source: WALB)
(Source: WALB)
Horace Bentley is currently facing two sexual assault charges. (Source: WALB)
Horace Bentley is currently facing two sexual assault charges. (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Additional charges could be filed against a Dougherty County school administrator, according to Dougherty County District Attorney Greg Edwards.

Monroe High School Assistant Principal Horace Bentley is currently facing two counts of sexual assault after police said he inappropriately touched a student.

For several years the public saw Horace Bentley in an educational light, as an assistant principal at Monroe High School.

Recently he's been seen somewhere else. Bentley was arrested on September 6, 2017.

Right now he faces two counts of sexual assault, but Edwards said that might not be all.

"We anticipate some additional charges will be made in this particular instance based on the investigation," explained Edwards. "The information is that there will be some more victims that have identified allegedly being involved in the circumstance."

Edwards didn't say who or when someone made those allegations but said there have been three people identified.

"The final details of those additional charges are not set at this point, but that is what we anticipate is going to happen," said Edwards.

In an open records request for Bentley's school system file, WALB uncovered at least two more instances where students claimed Bentley inappropriately touched them. At the time, following an investigation, the school police didn't press charges because there was not enough evidence.

Police reports for the current charges reveal there was cell phone video of Bentley putting his hand down a student's pants. Edwards said the criminal investigation is ongoing. More charges will be determined by the grand jury when the time comes.

"I would say we anticipate we will have sufficient information to move to a grand jury fairly quickly," said Edwards.

If he's found guilty of the current charges, the sentence requires at least one year in jail with a maximum of 25 years.

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