How to find missing loved ones in Mexico, Puerto Rico

How to find missing loved ones in Mexico, Puerto Rico
There are 200 people still missing in Mexico. (Source: WALB)
SWGA Red Cross Director Andy Brubaker. (Source: WALB)
SWGA Red Cross Director Andy Brubaker. (Source: WALB)

(WALB) - There are more than 500 Red Cross relief workers in Mexico following two massive earthquakes within a week of each other.

There are at least 200 people still unaccounted for in Mexico.

In Puerto Rico, the Red Cross is working with the government and other agencies to coordinate response efforts.

The response has been a little different in Puerto Rico than other recent disasters, according to the Southwest Georgia Red Cross Executive Director Andy Brubaker, and that's because the Puerto Rican government is in charge of the evacuation shelters, not the Red Cross.

But, as sheltering is winding down, Red Cross volunteers are mobilizing.

"We do know that communication out of the country is very limited, but we are working with folks to get the resources that are needed as quickly as possible," said Brubaker.

People here in Southwest Georgia seeking information about family members missing since the earthquakes and Hurricane Maria can get assistance.

U.S. citizens can contact the State Department at 1-888-407-4747.

If you are seeking information about non-U.S. citizen family members in Mexico, you can call the American Red Cross Restoring Family Links Helpline at 844-782-9441.

Brubaker said the Red Cross responded to more than 64,000 disasters in the United States last year alone, and although they are responding to many major disasters here and abroad, they always "stand ready to respond."

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