Improvements to be made to Tifton neighborhoods

Improvements to be made to Tifton neighborhoods
Tifton Mayor Julie Smith (Source: WALB)
Tifton Mayor Julie Smith (Source: WALB)
Lamarice Taylor (Source: WALB)
Lamarice Taylor (Source: WALB)

TIFT CO., GA (WALB) - Plans are being put in place for the Phillipsburg and Unionville neighborhoods.

Residents were encouraged to voice their opinions on what they thought was needed to improve the neighborhoods.

A lot of people said they were worried by crime, and wanted to see their roads repaired.

"A vision, one of hope..preserving what's already there."

A community input meeting was held at the Welcome Center on Thursday night for residents to voice their wants and needs of the community.

"It's our community. It's not just mine. It's not just the responsibility of the government. Each one of us as neighbors, as business owners, as homeowners, as tenants, whatever our role is, plays a role in making this community the best that it can be," said Tifton Mayor Julie Smith.

Lamarice Taylor is a resident of Phillipsburg and is thankful that city leaders are interested in what residents have to say.

"In order to accomplish something as big as this fate, we all have to be working together as one," said Taylor.

Mayor Smith said this is a part of town that the city hasn't focused on but that isn't the case any longer.

"We have a lot of what I would call disinvestment, where you have a business that's moved out, there's blighted properties, crime in the area, and infrastructure has deteriorated," explained Smith.

Taylor wants to see improvements made in affordable housing and safety.

"My grandkids will grow up someplace that's safe, someplace that would be continually growing, and be something that's left," said Taylor.

Taylor has high hopes for these improvements being made and believes it will leave behind something greater.

"Being able to leave a vision, something behind for generations to come," said Taylor.

Tift County leaders said they will take what they heard and use it as they plan future improvements.

Mayor Smith said this will be the first of many meetings held over the next few months, and it could take two years to complete the selected projects.

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