Moultrie city leaders approve budget, lower taxes

Moultrie city leaders approve budget, lower taxes

MOULTRIE, GA (WALB) - For the first time in 12 years, the city of Moultrie is lowering taxes.

This comes after a new budget for the upcoming year passed on Tuesday.

The last time taxes were lowered was back in 2005, for taxpayers this means the property taxes went from 12.8 mils to 9.9 mils.

"We did feel successful, we crafted things, they are in better order, we have our priorities in order," said Pete Dillard, City Manager.

Moultrie City leaders are excited about the future and the new budget year.

The finalized budget was passed on Tuesday, lowering property taxes and increasing budgets like Public safety.

"To reduce turnover and fully staff these departments and we are already seeing the benefits of that. I feel like we're stronger than we have really ever been," said Dillard.

This year the city reduced its healthcare costs by $1 million.

They were able to take that money and use it for different departments, even adding 3 new utility trainees.

"A year ago we didn't have any young linemen, all of our linemen are 50 years are older. They are very good but they are 50 years or older," said Dillard.

This new budget in total is $51 million, $7 million less than last years budget, in large part because of the expenses that are no longer included.

The Recreation Department and the Economic Development Authority now have their own taxes.

The E-911 Center is also now fully funded through the county.

"We're building a future, what we're doing today is not just for today it's for the future and we're very happy about that and our budgets reflect that," said Dillard.

Breaking that 51 million down, $3.3 million in revenue coming from property taxes, $5.2 million coming from utility transfers and leases.

City leaders said what is helping them the most as far as income is all of the economic growth, especially downtown, businesses coming into the area getting licenses, city utilities, and taxes.

"We have to grow ourselves out of budget situations, growth is so important to us," said Dillard.

The new fiscal year starts on October 1st.

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