FEMA's Albany visit delayed

FEMA's Albany visit delayed
FEMA teams won't be in Albany until next week (Source: WALB)
Preparing sandbags (Source: WALB)
Preparing sandbags (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - FEMA teams expected to arrive in Albany Thursday to assess the storm damage from Irma won't be here until next week.

More than 300 people self-reported some level of damage to Dougherty County's Emergency Management Agency. That's such a high number, the community's EMA reached out for help with the individual assessments.

It will happen, but not this week.

"We are just asking for patience," said Dougherty County EMA Specialist  Jenna Wirtz. "We are working through this but there are a lot of government agencies involved, and especially with the other disasters that are going on around the country, FEMA's resources are stretched thin. So, they are sending them to us, it is just taking longer than maybe it would have at another time."

If you haven't yet reported damage to your home or business from Tropical Storm Irma, you are urged to let Dougherty County's EMA know quickly.

You can send a private message on the Dougherty County Emergency Management Facebook Page or call the main Fire Station at 229-431-3266.

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