Thomasville kicks off fall comprehensive plan events

Thomasville kicks off fall comprehensive plan events

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - This week, Thomasville leaders are calling on residents to attend workshops and meetings, to voice their opinions on future projects within the city.

This is part of the city's long-term comprehensive plan that will go through the year 2028.

The plan is called Blueprint 2028 and it's meant to be a guiding document for improvements, projects and public policy.

"Thomasville is a great city, it's one of the most beautiful towns in the south. There is always room for improvement right?" said Jason King, of Dover, Kohl, & Partners.

Many that come through Thomasville admire the rich history and beauty, this week the city's future is taking center stage.

"We really want the whole community to come out and give us a diverse point of view on what might be going on in the city for the next ten years," said Jay Flowers.

Folks of all ages, from all different neighborhoods, coming together to work on the city's new comprehensive plan, Blueprint 2028.

"You have a real thriving main street, the businesses on main street are of all variety, people are attached to this place they have been here for all generations," said King.

So how do you take that positive outlook and build on it adding population and economic growth?

The city said it plans to do it through a series of open house workshops, walking tours, and hands-on design sessions.

"It's good to hear from different neighborhoods with different expectations and age groups to hear what they need to make this group the best it can be," said Flowers.

Some call it the holy grail of Thomasville so to speak, but city council members say they refer back to this plan quite often when making important decisions on funding and future projects.

With more than 130 people at the kick-off event, organizers said it appears they are off to a good start.

"We go to towns and cities with populations literally in the millions and we don't see this number sometimes so this is really good," said King.

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