Editorial : We all want quality healthcare

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - We don't often discuss national topics on our editorials, but sometimes important local issues and national issues intersect.

That's the case with healthcare. I know you are aware of the very negative dispute between Dougherty and Lee County, over the construction of a new hospital in Lee County.

Without getting lost in the weeds on all the details of this argument, what are the basic local concerns? We all want quality healthcare, we want affordable healthcare, and we want convenient healthcare.

A healthcare decision for ourselves and our families is a very important personal choice, and we want options, to shop and compare, so we feel comfortable that we are receiving the best healthcare possible.

Our local options are also limited by what going on in our national healthcare debate. Again there are numerous details we can get lost in; should we have Medicaid for all, should we have a single payer system or not, but let's stick to the basic questions we need answers to.

Why are we the only major developed country in the world that does not guarantee healthcare for its citizens?

Why are we spending more per capita than the rest of the world for healthcare?

And why do we pay the highest prices in the world for Prescription drugs?

Most agree it starts with the money involved in politics, and the lack of term limits for those elected to Congress.

The substantial influence over Congress by paid lobbyists for major insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies is a big reason why nothing is getting done to change the current system.

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