Medical students tour Phoebe, Southwest Georgia

Medical students tour Phoebe, Southwest Georgia
Students toured the new medical housing. (Source: WALB)
Students toured the new medical housing. (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A large group of medical students is getting a taste of what South Georgia has to offer.

Students from the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University arrived in Albany Monday morning.

For many of the students, South Georgia could be their home for at least two years and possibly several more after that.

The students began with a look at Phoebe's newest medical student housing complex followed by a lunch with Phoebe and public health employees.

Southwest Georgia is one of four options students will have when it comes to where they want to spend their third and fourth year of medical school.

Phoebe leadership, as well as the school's dean, said Southwest Georgia offers unique opportunities for the students.

"When they are on assignment here they are typically the one medical student with the one faculty member, so it's a one-on-one experience," explained Associate Dean of the Southwest Regional Campus Dr. Doug Patten. "In doing so, they also get to have many more patient encounters than when they are in a group with four medical students and the patients have to be divided up."

There is room for 20 students each year.

Four students have already committed to Albany and they will start next fall.

Monday was just the first of a few days the students will spend touring the hospital and the area.

School leadership said Albany is an important area for students to understand the problems in rural healthcare.

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