Church reflects on their experience as shelter during Irma

Church reflects on their experience as shelter during Irma

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The members of Albany Family Worship center, one week ago, helped those in the community when they had nowhere else to turn.

Pastor Bobby Paul says that is what we're called to do.

"We're called to reach out and meet the needs of our community," explained Paul.

As the church listened to the reports of Tropical storm Irma, they grew concerned.

The church originally planned to open Monday but were questioning what the next step would be.

"The city called Sunday morning the city called and asked would we open our doors," said Paul

And they did without question.

Family worship center opened their doors Sunday evening to shelter 21 people, seven families.

"It was such a blessing to see the people come together. And here's the thing, people that didn't even know each other, people that hadn't met before, and just a matter of minutes or hours they become a family," said Paul.

They sang, danced and worshiped with each other during the storm.

"Lifted up prayer to the Lord to lessen that storm as it approaches and when we got up Monday morning, bless God, that's exactly what he had done," said Paul.

Paul said it was just as rewarding for him as it was the people who came in during their hour of need.

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