ASU Police Department applies for national accreditation

ASU Police Department applies for national accreditation
Chief John Fields (Source: WALB)
Chief John Fields (Source: WALB)

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Albany State University Police Department is currently applying for national accreditation.

Chief John Fields said he's hired an accreditation manager to help with the process.

The department has applied to the CALEA accreditation program.

The purpose is to improve public safety services by maintaining certain standards and a sense of professionalism.

"It's not easy to get," said Fields. "But once you get that accreditation, what it does is increase your standards, your professionalism, and it puts your police department among the elite. The Albany Police Department currently has the accreditation. Only three other USG schools have accreditation. One of them is the University of West Georgia."

Chief Fields said departments usually have three years to get the accreditation after they apply, but he's hoping to do it in a year.

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